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The nursery was established in year 1944 by the forefathers of Shri Bachubhai in the name of "The Roses Garden" (now known as "Roses Nursery") at Vadodara. Shri Bachubhai has made his all out valour effort to make a mile stone & distinguished name in the field of Nursery & Horticulture.




Born on 11th June 1944 in a farmer's family of Agra (Uttar Pradesh) and brought up at Vadodara, did his graduation in B.Sc. (Agriculture) in 1967 from Anand Agriculture University. Shri J.P. Verma (popularly known as "Bachubhai") is actively associated with the Nursery business, his passion and hobby and is contributing his expertise in the field of Nursery & Horticulture.

Shri Bachubhai in his initial years had struggled and worked hard for nearly 16 to 18 hours a day in the nursery's field to establish himself. He traveled to various remote places situated in length and breathes of country in his early age in search of varety of plants when none of his fellow nursery man had courage to step out of Gujarat, the home state, for better productivity and orientation of Nurseries.

Apart from this he had also vasited and exporting regularly to the foreign countries like: Muscat, Dubai, Kuwait etc.

He introduced new & innovative concept by replacing earthen pots with Plastic Bags for growing the plants. This resulted into reduction of weight for carrying the green live plants and also made it handy & convenient to trasport of the same to the distance places without damage and also economically. By this invention he has increased the productivity and profitability of the Nurseries.

In nutshell, Shri Bachubhai by his "Herculean Efforts" in the field of nursery has made "Gold Out of Mud" & set an ezample before the nurserymen that by way of hard work they can also achieve whatever they want in their live.


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